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18 Oct October

Florida-Man faces off against Hurricane Irma and the Jolly Rodger is Raised on a U.S. Submarine!

In this episode, Florida-Man faces off against Hurricane Irma! John and Phill discuss surviving Hurricane Irma, the latest insanity from Florida Man, and if pirates have taken over a American submarine!

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Hosts - John Hoover and Phill Hernandez

Editing - Gen Smith

Social Media Management - Froze Ferret Productions

Intro and Outro - Wizard of Oz, Herbert Stothart

News Stories:

US Submarine returns to port flying the Jolly Rodger:

FloridaMan warned to not shoot at the hurricane. Shooting at the hurricane will not make it turn around:

FloridaMan continues to train for Olympic Car Jousting during the hurricane:

FloridaMan explains that when strapping self to pole for hurricane it is important to take the proper safety precautions:

FloridaMan-in-training, Orry Kennedy, standing in the hurricane, waving a giant Game Cocks flag:

FloridaMan accused of signing gibberish during hurricane news conference:

FloridaMan survives hurricane and celebrates by setting porsche on fire and almost killing himself: